HCS Direct Limited’s Data Protection Statement

Data protection is the rights individuals have in relation to the processing of their personal data, the right to privacy and the right for an individual to access this data about themselves and correct it if needs be.

This document outlines HCS Directs policy to ensure that we comply with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, which lays out firm rules about how we can collect, process, retain, use and disclose information relating to individuals.

Data Protection Principles

1. Obtain and process information fairly
2. Keep it only for specified, explicit and lawful purposes
3. Use and disclose data only in ways compatible with these purposes.
4. Keep data safe and secure
5. Keep data accurate, complete and up-to-date
6. Ensure that data is adequate, relevant and not excessive
7. Retain data for no longer than necessary for the purpose(s) for which it is acquired.
8. Give a copy of his/ her personal data to the relevant individual, on request

We collect and use information to provide the following services:

· A private limited registered company in Waterford, consisting of a car dealership group covering the island of Ireland. Although we resell former Hertz Rental Cars, HCS Direct Ltd. operates as a totally separate.

· Website and social media pages used in connection with HCS Direct Ltd services.

· To enhance and improve your experience with our website.

· To provide you with online services. As each service we provide is different, the information we require to complete each service will be different. Please refer to the terms and conditions for each individual service.

· To undertake advertising, marketing and direct marketing.

· To provide the purchase of used vehicle.

· To provide motor finance for the purchase of vehicles and set up payment methods.

· To provide accurate information used in the financial accounts of the business.

· To check and ensure the correct warranty cover is being provided.

· To contact customers to ensure they are fully satisfied with their purchase, experience and services provided.

· To register vehicles in accordance with the legal requirement in Ireland.

· To perform credit checks when providing motor finance as part of a purchase contract.

· To verify your identity before approving motor finance for a vehicle.


The overall responsibility to comply with Data Protection Acts lies with HCS Direct Limited, however, we require all our employees to comply with our Data Protection Policy. Failure to comply will be regarded as a breach of this policy and will be dealt with in accordance with HCS Direct Limited’s disciplinary policy.

All contractors and selected partners of HCS Direct Limited who have access to and/ or use personal data are individually responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Acts.

Procedures and Guidelines

HCS Direct Limited is fully and resolutely committed to ensuring personal privacy and compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. This includes best practice guidelines and procedures implemented internally in relation to all aspects of Data Protection.

This Data Protection Policy is accompanied by detailed policies and procedures implemented internally by the HCS Direct Limited group.

This policy was approved by the directors of HCS Direct Limited on 23/05/2018. This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated in the event of changed to legislation or technological developments. Inquiries about this Data Protection Policy should be directed to our Data Protection Officer by email or postal mail.


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